Is it time to put your hand up?

In a time of unprecedented reform in Australia (particularly in the disability and mental health sectors), State and Federal governments are increasingly focussing taxpayer dollars on the individual, as well as towards willing community organisations geared to support this focus. Is your business one of these?

There is growing recognition that individualised, person-centred support produces the best outcomes for the people who need it. To stay relevant and financially viable, community organisations must clearly differentiate themselves to an increasingly discerning client base – or they will inevitably lose out.

Unfortunately, many organisations rely on traditional, out-dated methods of stakeholder engagement (particularly those solely reliant on government funding) or have never really worried about strong communication at all! However, community organisations need to be more competitive, outcomes focused and financially efficient than ever before. Creativity and innovation are crucial to avoid falling behind.

Imaginative and engaging marketing practice is no longer an ‘optional extra’. Australian community services must remain competitive in the face of evolving service delivery requirements, increased competition from traditional and non-traditional providers, streamlined service provision and changing financial conditions.

The 7 top areas all community organisations in Australia should currently be seriously considering include:

  1. Appealing to your target audience in a modern and engaging manner;
  2. Stepping outside the box and engaging people in new and exciting ways;
  3. The importance of having both an offline and online footprint;
  4. Developing unique, clear and well-represented campaigns;
  5. Strategic market positioning;
  6. Being relevant in the modern digital age; and
  7. The value of working collaboratively with private sector experts in this field.

Community organisations must prioritise and evolve their marketing and communication practices to be able to provide the support they know achieves the best outcomes for people.

We’ll be covering some of these issues in more detail on the blog in the coming weeks. If you need help in the meantime, Amergin has the know-how to help community organisations communicate with their audience better – so get in touch!