How to Ace Your NDIS Audit or Aged Care Quality Review

What you’ll find inside:

  • Step-by-step guidance to help you prepare for your next Audit or Quality Review
  • Practical advice to make your preparation easier
  • Tips to help you stay compliant and continuously improving, after your Audit or Quality Review

Ace Your Next Audit or Quality Review

NDIS Audits and Aged Care Quality Reviews Can Make or Break Your Business

Preparing for and going through an audit or quality review can be a highly stressful and overwhelming experience, for any size organisation.

They are, however, an ongoing reality when operating in community services. NDIS Audits and Aged Care Quality Reviews are designed to make sure providers are meeting their legal obligations – that is, providing high-quality, safe services to clients.

Some organisations are simply inexperienced in the process, while others – for a range of reasons – lack confidence in their own quality systems and processes. This can cause a range of negative emotions such as anxiety, stress and frustration that can spread like wildfire through a team – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

We have put together this FREE Audit Checklist to give you our tips on how you can best prepare for your next NDIS Audit or Aged Care Quality Review.

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Prabha Sriram Managing Director TAUS Care

“During the course of our operations, we have regularly sought advice, information and support from Amergin to help us manage the many challenges, complexities and changes associated with the delivery of NDIS community services. Amergin has consistently responded to our enquiries in a timely manner, and their friendly staff have always strived to provide accurate and 'best practice' advice.

Amergin's commitment to 'go the extra mile' was demonstrated recently with the wonderful support they provided to us during the preparation for our first NDIS audit. We would not have achieved the success we did without their dedicated and committed contribution.

Amergin reflects their stated mission in helping clients 'survive and thrive' in the Australian community sector and have worked collaboratively with us as a Business Support Partner.”

Make it Happen

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