Deliver Best Practice Services

Amergin supports social sector organisations, government and business to deliver best practice services that empower their clients.

Our team of Social Impact Consultants bring together practical education, high-quality implementation and human connection to make sure every business we support walks away with long-term, sustainable outcomes.

With decades of experience ranging from disability, aged care, mental health, advocacy, and private and government programs, we connect the right people in our business to your team to ensure you receive the right support at the right time.

Meet the Team

  • Christine Dempsey
  • Anthony Gatehouse
  • Belinda Llamas
    Operations Manager
  • Sue Gatehouse
    Accounts Manager
  • Lauren Byrne
    Quality and Content Coordinator
  • Jennifer Rogers (RN)
    Social Impact Consultant
  • Jeffrey Pumfrey
    Lead Developer
  • Daniel Dougherty
    Business Development Lead
  • Erin Slattery
    Social Impact Consultant

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