Our team regularly visit all major cities throughout Australia and happily host events and workshops within the Community Sector.

  • MS Brissie to the Bay 2021
  • Birthing Kit Assembly Day

MS Brissie to the Bay 2021

  • 13 Jun, 202113 Jun, 2021
  • Anthony, Jeffrey and Dan
  • MS Queensland
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About the Event

Amergin are once again taking part in the MS Brissie to the Bay bike ride. We're raising funds to support the increasing number of people living with multiple sclerosis (MS), which affects more young people than any other acquired chronic neurological disease. Amergin's Team Members are listed below:
  • Anthony Gatehouse
  • Jeffrey Pumfrey
  • Daniel Dougherty
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About the Organisation

MS Queensland is the first choice for people living with MS and other chronic, progressive neurological diseases because of its experience, commitment, knowledge and services. Every case of MS is unique. The symptoms, severity and progress of the disease are different for everyone. MS Queensland is committed to helping those living with MS, by providing programs and support to help improve their quality of life. www.msqueensland.com.au

Birthing Kit Assembly Day

  • 15 May, 2021
  • Christine Dempsey
  • Birthing Kit Foundation Australia

About the Organisation

The Birthing Kit Foundation Australia is an Australian based not-for-profit NGO dedicated to the elimination of preventable maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity. It partners with local organisations and health service providers that work in low-resource and emergency settings to improve maternal and newborn health outcomes.

Birthing Kits are donated to approved organisations for distribution to pregnant women and maternal healthcare providers to help enable a safe and cleaner birthing environment. The Foundation also provides funding for collaborative and sustainable community development projects, supported by research and advocacy, for improved maternal and newborn outcomes.

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