How I can help you with the NDIS

Last week Amergin Consulting was approached to help an organisation with their NDIS provider registration.

There is a Provider Toolkit on the NDIS website, however if you want to be supported through the process and provided with information that is specific to your organisation and the requirements you need to fulfill, I can help you.

My experience and knowledge regarding the National Disability Insurance Scheme means I can also help service providers with the following:

  • Moving from block funding arrangements to delivering services on a fee-for-service basis;
  • Identifying opportunities for new or different service delivery within an NDIS framework;
  • Program and policy evaluation, design or redesign; and
  • Whole-of-business analysis, modification and change management to prepare for NDIS transition.

The NDIS started rolling out across the country on 1 July 2016, so if you’ve still got some work to do to prepare, let’s have a conversation about how I can help you!