Demonstrating Impact

What’s Your VALUE?

In a recent speech to Not for Profit leaders as part of JBWere’s 2015 Social Leadership Program, Professor Kash Rangan of Harvard Business School spoke about the increasing tendency of government to seek impact and outcome data from funding recipients.

This is certainly in line with my own experience with Australian Government and the Department of Social Services, which has created a new data collection framework with a strong focus on outcomes as well as the usual output data.

In the current policy and fiscal environment, this kind of data is required more and more often to inform ongoing or future policy and program development. At a time when every program and service is being rationalised and re-rationalised, it’s important to be able to communicate not just what a program or service does, but its value.

In my opinion, this kind of reporting is a great opportunity to really showcase the tangible value of your service delivery on peoples’ lives. And, if nothing else, it’s clearly the way that government is heading in terms of funding recipients’ reporting requirements. Be ahead of the game and take advantage of this shift. And if you need help, contact us!