How to create good policy – and ENJOY it!

Yep I can almost hear you cringing! Many people find the concept of policy development dry and dull, and let’s face it – it’s not a sexy topic! BUT it is a fundamental part of any good organisation, whether you’re developing internal policies for the smooth running of the business, or policies that will form the foundation of your important programs and services.

It can also be incredibly interesting, fulfilling and – dare I say it – enjoyable, to drive good policy that has a meaningful impact on others’ lives. In Amergin Consulting’s experience, good policy development is simpler than you think, particularly if you organise your activities around the following 4 key steps:

1. Plan

Why is the policy is required? What is its purpose? What are the risks associated with implementing such a policy, or not implementing it? What money and resources do you need to develop and implement the policy, and where do you get these? What authority do you have to proceed with this work? Who will project manage the policy development process?

2. Develop

What is the social / political / financial context? What’s been done before? What’s been learnt? What are existing good practices? Who do you need to consult with? What are the risks associated with the policy now that you understand the finer detail? How will you communicate, implement and evaluate the policy? Who will write the policy and ensure it is well written and targeted to its audience? How will you obtain feedback on the policy? Do changes need to be made after this feedback?

3. Implement

What approval do you need to proceed? How do you communicate the policy and its impacts? What internal or external changes need to be made and how? Who’s responsible? What is the timeframe? What are the resource implications?

4. Evaluate

Is your policy a working document that will be regularly reviewed and updated? When? How? How do you communicate the results of any monitoring / evaluation and make changes if required? How do you measure performance and change?

So come on, get your teeth into it and start creating! Be fluid, flexible and open to new ideas and solutions that you didn’t expect – they are the core of great, innovative, impactful policies. With good policy development skills, you can truly inspire change and transform lives.

Amergin Consulting can help you with every step of the policy development process and will work with you to make it a simple, interesting and worthwhile experience. Contact us to find out more!