Community Organisation Strategic Planning: Could You Be Missing This Key Ingredient?

Community Organisation Strategic Plan Day: 5 people sit talk around a conference room table.

Community Organisation Strategic Planning keeps you moving forward. It’s your secret weapon for charging ahead when you’re faced with disruption and uncertainty.

But knowing how to create a Strategic Plan that genuinely works is challenging.

You can spend your precious time and hard work creating a Strategic Plan, only to find it sits on a shelf, collecting dust, because it doesn’t translate into real deliverable actions or doesn’t quite get you to where you want to be. It can leave you feeling disappointed and like it’s been a waste of time.

How to Create Your Community Organisations’ Strategic Plan

There is a way to create a Strategic Plan that translates into the growth you’re working so hard for. It just needs to cover 3 key ingredients.

We’re going to break down the first one – it’s the one that can often be missed and it’s the foundation to a solid plan.

Refining your Vision, Mission and Values

Your Vision, Mission and Values are the fundamentals to your Strategy. They give everyone a shared direction and purpose, and your people know what your business stands for.

When you have a clear Vision, Mission and Values, you can develop a Strategic Plan with the specific priorities and goals that get you to your destination.

So, if you already have a Vision, Mission and Values, why refine them?

When it comes to creating a Vision, most businesses think about their Vision through the lens of their organisation, but they may not think about how it meets the needs of the sector they operate in or the clients they serve.

Your best Vision is where the needs of your business, the community services sector and your clients overlap.

When you refine your Vision so that it reflects what your business is capable of and how it meets the needs of the community sector and your clients, you can drive forward with clarity on what makes you unique, and how you can share this with the very people who need your help.

Your Mission and Values should align with your refined Vision so you may need to revisit these too.

Where do I start?

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