How to Recognise Great Leadership in Your Business

True leadership is very difficult to find.

We live in a world where leadership is often graced to those who demonstrate certain, recognisable behaviours – these behaviours are often mistaken as actual leadership qualities.

Let me explain. You will never find the same qualities in person, let alone a workplace leader. There are however several key attributes you can look out for to help discern the ‘real’ from the ‘fake’. If you are able to recognise true leadership attributes in your staff, businesses will thrive. Failure to recognise these can create an interesting paradigm that will not only undermine positive work culture but also do significant damage to the business itself.

So, what is true leadership?

Our ongoing challenge as professionals (and individuals) is to find, and be guided by someone who inspires us, teaches us and empowers us. Success in these areas means we can of course lead with the same qualities. These three qualities are what every business should be looking for to lead their teams. Selflessness, charisma and you have the perfect recipe for a positive work culture, engagement and output.

Captaining the ship is important, but so is rowing with the crew.

Essentially, it doesn’t matter whether a company sells a brilliant product or service; without effective leadership a company’s profits, culture and efficiency will almost certainly suffer at some point.

A leader will work alongside (or behind) the team to offer support and guidance and most of all lead by example. Take a look at the influencers like Richard Branson who understands this point and I quote, “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to”.

The 2 things I’ve come to realise when it comes to true leadership in business.

  1. When someone tells you they are a leader, you can be 99% sure they are not.
  2. When someone demonstrates true leadership, people will naturally try to replicate that behaviour – then you get a good culture.