5 Things We Can Learn From Resilience

I recall a story where a child fell off the play equipment at my sons school (as kids do). The child wasn’t seriously hurt but nonetheless, the teaching staff contacted the parents to let them know what had happened. The school subsequently received a phone call, threatening them with legal action for ‘gross negligence’. Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, the age of entitlement is almost certainly upon us. Overwhelmingly, people have higher expectations than ever before (generally) and are more sensitive to hardship. So, when the going gets tough, coping mechanisms can fail due to poor resilience development.

Each of of us possess a mental reservoir of strength and this will continue to help us overcome loss, pain and hardship. Experiencing more of these negative experiences will better develop your resilience (or vault of strength).

We can apply these learnings to business. Here are 5 things that resilience can teach us in business:

  1. We must see failure as a crucial ingredient to making us stronger.
  2. Resilience means we can overcome bigger challenges. Overcoming challenges means we succeed.
  3. Resilience promotes self-belief.
  4. Resilience promotes determination.
  5. Resilience promotes survival.

We’d love to hear from you! How has resilience helped shape your professional success?