Top 4 Care Management Systems | NDIS & Aged Care Providers

This post was originally published in January 2018 and has now been updated to reflect the current provider environment.

As the NDIS and Aged Care sectors reform and expand, we are seeing a growing number of emerging Care Management Systems (CMSs) entering the market – each offering their own unique blend of functionality, sophistication and design.

While they differ in appearance and features, they all share a common desire to help service providers manage their operations, improve efficiencies and deliver transparency on areas like financials, staff activity and client care. So which one is right for your organisation?

Our team has direct experience in the sector using some of the most comprehensive and user-friendly systems available. Based on this we have put together our top 4 recommended platforms for comparison.

Top 4 Care Management Systems Comparison Table

Name Ideal For Sector/s Cost Integration Inclusion Australian Company Setup Fee Monthly Fees Minimum Subscription Discount Offers
Brevity Small providers NDIS, private aged care Based on number of clients Partial. Yes Yes Yes Yes No
SupportAbility Medium-sized service providers NDIS Based on number of staff Partial (option to include more) Yes Yes Yes 12 Months No
Lumary Medium to large providers NDIS, Aged Care (HCP), CHSP, DSS, DVA Subscription Comprehensive Yes NA Yes Yes No
VisiCase Established medium to large — service providers.
* Fast Start for smaller providers
Aged Care, NDIS, employment, mental health and language services Based on number of clients Comprehensive with advanced module integration Yes Yes Yes 3 Years YES!
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Care Management Systems | Brevity


Why you’ll love it

If you’re an NDIS provider; smaller in size; and have a tight budget, then Brevity could be for you. Even better it’s easy to use, has all the key functions you need to operate at a base level including support around client record management, HR modules, rostering and even some reportable analytics.

In short, yes, it does the job. Does it have the full automation that other systems have? No. But you wouldn’t expect that with the price you’re paying. It’s also great for providers who do support coordination, plan management & high intensity personal activities (clinical care) and private/brokered Aged Care (Home Care) services.

Be aware

Whilst it has the functionality you need to operate, you’ll find like an emerging wine connoisseur, your taste is likely to change as your business grows. The wine that you once liked doesn’t quite satisfy your needs anymore. You start to look for improved quality and substance. You want to tick more boxes. This is where Brevity can fall over for some providers — not being able grow and adapt as your business grows and demands more.


Brevity is a great first or second stone that represent the steps of growth in your business. Some providers don’t want to see massive growth, particularly sole traders or services operating in smaller regions — in these contexts, Brevity does the job. For those who have a bigger picture in mind, then consider a platform that is able to adequately grow with you — particularly if you have multiple sites, lots of staff and a more complex operational framework.

Care Management Systems | Brevity

Care Management Systems | SupportAbility


Why you’ll love it:

SupportAbility is a cloud-based platform specifically developed for the Australian disability sector – the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The platform allows providers to assess participant goal progress and support the changing needs of participants over time as well as plan, monitor and report on their funding. It comes with some solid reporting tools, with in-build functionality to make sure staff are recording everything they need to and following process. Providers can also track progress and report back to the NDIS which supports evidence-based service delivery.

While SupportAbility offers all the standard administrative tools like staff rostering and client scheduling, the platform includes a unique Human Resources module to support staff professional development and promote best practice. The platform houses a good range of financial and reporting tools including full NDIS funding and budget management tools. An online learning centre means service providers are able to learn the system quite easily.

The platform houses a good range of financial and reporting tools including full NDIS funding and budget management tools. An online learning centre means service providers are able to learn the system quite easily.

Be aware:

Having a platform that’s built to support organisations operating in a specific sector is great but has obvious disadvantages for organisations who are, or intend to, diversify their services across other sectors such as Aged Care, Child Care or Employment.

SupportAbility does have some very basic lead nurturing and marketing features, however, its primary purpose is care management. In addition to this, while SupportAbility can handle care management for clients in other sectors it does not manage billing or reporting and integrations for anything other than disability services.


SupportAbility offers a well-packaged platform, specifically designed for NDIS service providers. Amongst the list of other Care Management Systems available in Australia, SupportAbility sits (and is priced) somewhere in the middle.

The platform offers a great suite of features, designed to support evidence-based service delivery within a quality management framework. This works well for both clients (participants) and being cloud based, provides transparency for both staff and clients.

Care Management Systems | SupportAbility

Care Management Systems | Lumary


Why you’ll love it:

Lumary (as featured in SmartCompany) is one of the most exciting and fastest growing Care Management System used across both the Disability and Aged Care sectors — and it’s not by chance.

First up, Lumary has done its homework. Instead of mirroring many other systems, the platform has been imagined entirely from the ground up whilst leveraging the power of one of the World’s leading CMS providers, Salesforce. It also focusses on some serious efficiencies around workflow, operations, claiming and other key areas.

Further, Lumary’s completely cloud-based platform also reflects updates within its platform when compliance requirements change, this includes pricing. Whilst it doesn’t provide state and federal regulatory updates or your business’ policies and procedures to govern your operations, the team ensures you are operating within a compliant environment.

Aged Care providers have the added benefit or being able to utilise an interface with the Federal Government’s Services Australia for improved claiming processes.

Be aware:

It’s a great, intuitive system that give you remarkable transparency over their business, it does come with a price tag. This is why Lumary is most suitable for fast growing, profitable (and generally larger) organisations who have the budget to invest in such as system.


We’ve all done it. Walked into a vehicle show room, seeing the car of your dreams and then seeing the price tag and cringing. If nothing else, it’s worth getting a demo and weigh up the benefits versus the cost and see if it’s a good fit.

Care Management Systems | Lumary

Care Management Systems | VisiCase


Why you’ll love it:

Visicase is a comprehensive, cloud-based care management platform that ticks all the boxes (plus quite a few more). What I particularly like about Visicase is the attention to smaller details with a significant emphasis on streamlining workflow and automating processes. The Platform comes with integrated rostering, accounting and finance interfaces so you don’t need to worry about mix-and-matching other software. It’s also supported by a powerful workflow engine that keeps track of what needs to be done and by whom.

The platform boasts a user-friendly client portal that provides access to their secure portal so they take an active part in care planning and given transparency of their plan progress, tasks and budgets.

The final big tick comes from the Platform’s adaptability. Unlike other systems, VisiCase’s Platform is not confined to a single market environment, but rather has built in multi-sector proficiency. With a growing number of businesses choosing to extend services from just disability to also include aged care, employment (and more), this is a real benefit.

New: For smaller providers, Visicase has released Fast Start — a cost-effective, rapid-rollout solution for businesses seeking to automate processes around NDIS service delivery, quickly and economically. It comes with pre-configured NDIS-compliant settings if you’re happy with a more out-of-the box, less tailored solution.

Be aware:

It’s hard to find flaws with systems as comprehensive and feature-packed as this one — but that’s exactly where it fails to address some business needs. It’s hard to ignore the point that Visicase has stormed ahead with system sophistication and automation. Where it can become difficult is in the pricing — additional modules mean more money. There can also be a significant setup fee, but this also depends on the size and complexity of your organisation.


Visicase is an impressive, multifunctional Care Management System that offers an ‘all-in-one’ solution for your organisation. It allows streamlining of remedial tasks, optimisation of resources and greater transparency on your broader operations. VisiCase does a good job at enabling individual care planning and budgeting as well as measuring progress towards desired outcomes.

With advanced integration facilities, intuitive workflow management and customisation, it’s really an all-in-one care management system that breaks many boundaries, making it very difficult to compete with.

Care Management Systems | VisiCase

How do you choose?

When choosing what system is right for you, make a list of the main functions and features that are important to you in a CMS. Because there is such a wide range of options available, we recommend getting details and quotes from at least 3 potential CMS systems.

Key things to consider in determining the right system for you:

  • What functions does it include (e.g. timesheets/payroll, staff records, client records, invoicing, reporting/metrics)?
  • Ability to integrate with other systems (e.g. financial management or workforce management)?
  • Availability of Apps (and how is privacy managed)?
  • What is the back-up system/typical down-time of the system?
  • How will it grow with your organisation (e.g. adding other service types for different sectors)?
  • Cost (and cost as you grow) – set fee/per user/subscription?
  • Minimum contract term (cancel anytime/monthly/yearly/3 yearly)?
  • Minimum specifications (will your existing computer systems need upgrading)?
  • Ease of use (request a demo)
  • Any training offered to your team initially (and ongoing)?
  • Support Desk availability if you need help?
  • If you are transitioning from an existing system, ability to transfer/upload data from your old system?

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