Amerginhub: The Best is Yet to Come

Amerginhub: The best is yet to come. A many stands atop a set of stairs facing out towards a mountain range with hands raised in success.

2021 has quickly become the busiest year for Amerginhub since it’s inception in 2018.

As all providers would be aware, understanding and implementing legislative and regulatory changes to help maintain compliance forms a fundamental foundation across all aspects of service delivery.

Not only do we recognise the importance of this, the team here at Amerginhub are also dedicated and committed to delivering a platform that continues to evolve and grow with the needs of our members.

As such, we have been hard at work developing new features to improve on user experience, while introducing additional resource packs, supporting documents, and policies and procedures to ensure a smooth transition as your NDIS or Aged Care Provider business expands.

Earlier this year, our Teams Membership feature was introduced as a result of the rapid growth and expansion we’ve seen across many of the businesses supported by Amerginhub. This new addition enables providers to scale their membership tier with their organisation at any time, to help your staff operate effectively as a team.

As a result of direct member feedback, we’ve also taken action to simplify our membership options and inclusions. This move provides all members access to every Watch.Read.Do compliance update that is released, with no more restrictions to content based on membership level.

Our Quality and Content Development Team has also commenced releasing policies and procedures that address the Supplementary Modules of the NDIS Practice Standards. The following policies and procedures, along with their supporting documentation, have already been made available for purchase on Amerginhub:

  • Positive Behaviour Support;
  • The Use of Restrictive Practices; and
  • Early Childhood Approach

Our Positive Behaviour Support and The Use of Restrictive Practices policies and procedures meet Module 2 (Specialist Behaviour Support) and Module 2A (Implementing Behaviour Support Plans) of the NDIS Practice Standards. Designed to support providers registered under the Specialist Positive Behaviour Support Registration Group or providers implementing behaviour support plans (delivered under the Daily Tasks/Shared Living Registration Group). This also includes businesses delivering Supported Independent Living (SIL), Short Term Accommodation (STA), Medium Term Accommodation (MTA), and Stage 2 Individualised Living Options (ILO) supports.

Regardless of which state or territory you operate in, our policies are specifically tailored to meet your legislative requirement needs. Developed with support from an experienced registered psychologist, these policies and procedures aim to break down the jargon and lingo commonly used in this space, focus upon the practical implementation aspects of positive behaviour support service delivery, and provide you with the information you need to operate effectively. If you are a provider working within the positive behaviour support space, in any capacity, we encourage you to check these policies out today!

Our Early Childhood Approach (previously Early Childhood Early Intervention) policy and procedure has been designed to support Early Childhood providers’ service delivery, and meets Module 3 (Early Childhood Support) of the NDIS Practice Standards. This policy is a must for NDIS registered Early Childhood providers and has been specifically developed to be applicable across multiple avenues of early childhood service delivery. This policy is also well complimented with Amerginhub’s Child Safety and Wellbeing policy and procedure or Therapeutic Supports policy and procedure.

We will soon also be releasing policies to meet Module 4 (Specialist Support Coordination) and Module 5 (Specialist Disability Accommodation), so make sure you stay tuned for those! Providers looking for support with Module 1 (High Intensity Daily Personal Activities) or clinical care support should contact Amergin directly for more information.

Next Steps

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already, join us over on Amerginhub and start putting compliance at the forefront of your daily operations.

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