Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Two Birdz success in private/brokerage care in Victoria

This month Amergin are sharing a success story, with a feathered twist.

Jacinta Psaila and Gina Mifsud formed Two Birdz in 2018, with a passion and genuine desire to provide Planned Activity Group services to the elderly and those with a disability.

Starting your own business is not an easy feat and comes with a multitude of challenges, however the positive outlook and enthusiasm Gina and Jacinta have both embraced every bump in the road with is a testament to the dedication they have towards helping people, and building a business that strives for more than just quality.

Jacinta and Gina believe that ‘Happiness Improves Your Quality of Life’, and they want to create a place where clients can come together and enjoy their life through meaningful activities, and not feel like ‘just another number’.

Through working with Amergin, Jacinta and Gina were open to learning more about the varied support and business models available to best suit the care they wanted to provide.

Breaking down the fear barrier whilst making strategic business decisions was something the Amergin team supported them with, and has led to exciting and positive outcomes for their business and their clients.

Over a period of only 6-8 weeks Two Birdz have been able to secure a commercial office space to host their centre-based activities, host their first activity group in the community and commenced brokerage partnerships with a well-known NDIS provider in Victoria. Their client base is expanding with regular repeating clientele and services expanding from aged care to disability group activities also.

Jacinta and Gina valued that Amergin believed in their vision and explain that Amergin “have been with us every step of the way with guidance and support. We highly recommend Amergin to anyone who has a dream to make a difference in the community. We certainly wouldn’t be where we are today and are very grateful and thank them so much” – Jacinta and Gina, Two Birdz.

Whilst the Private/Brokerage community care sector is a competitive marketplace, the ability to become an approved Home Care provider is becoming increasingly challenging. The increasing success of Two Birdz business provides reassurance that an alternative model away from relying on Government funding can be equally as successful, if not more rewarding.

At Amergin we invest in the working relationships we build with all businesses we support and encourage the sharing of not only successes but also challenges everyone can learn from.

We wish Two Birdz continued success and hope they feel as proud as a peacock with all they have accomplished so far.

Amergin Senior Consultant Aynsley Johnson with Gina (L) and Jacinta (R) from Two Birdz, Vic.