The New Aged Care Quality Standards

Since the 2015-2016 Australian Government Budget announcement, aged care providers across Australia have awaited the much-anticipated single set of Aged Care Quality Standards.

As many providers will be aware, the new single set of standards will move away from the Government’s current approach being provider compliance-focused, towards a consolidated and client-focused ‘single’ set of Standards.

The new Standards apply nationally and replace the four-existing program-specific Standards, which are the:

  1. Accreditation Standards;
  2. Home Care Standards;
  3. Transition Care Standards; and
  4. National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care Program Quality Framework Standards.

In the lead up to the release, significant consultation took place, with trials of the new Standards conducted with both providers and focus groups comprised of clients and carers, further cementing the emphasis towards clients and their carers being in control of the quality of care they receive.

We’re please to say the Quality Agency have announced access to view the new Home Care Quality Standards as of 1st July 2018 (currently awaiting parliamentary approval).

Providers delivering residential care, home care, flexible care and services under the Commonwealth Home Support Program will be assessed against the new Aged Care Quality Standards from 1 July 2019.

This gives providers 12 months to understand, incorporate and deliver services across the 8 new standards.

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