Amergin presents on ‘everything NDIS’ for counsellors

Amergin’s General Manager, Tony Dempsey presented to members of the Professional Counselling Association (PCA) for Sydney and the ACT on Saturday 13th of April.

Counsellors (and many other allied health professionals) have unique challenges when trying to navigate the NDIS and understand how they can operate viably as a provider.

While the NDIS broadly covers the requirements of business looking to register and operate in the Scheme, the more detailed information around how does it relate to my business is not quite as clear.


Adding to what can be a confusing and complex registration process, each allied health profession faces very unique registration and operating challenges. This inadvertently creates a sense of ‘it’s all too hard’ and means those businesses who could be leading in the market are waiting to see what happens.

Tony Dempsey commented on the situation for counsellors, and more broadly allied health professionals, “We speak to businesses every day who are often keen but deterred by the process and other things like the registration and audit costs. It’s not surprising that many are often reluctant to throw their hat in the ring without a clear way to know if it’s the right (and a viable) option for them.”

Over 65% of registered NDIS providers are registered to deliver ‘therapeutic supports’, a registration group aligned with the delivery of allied health services and supports.


Amergin partners with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) who support over 5,000 members across Australia and works closely to deliver tailored and specific information to help their members register and operate in the NDIS.