Community Focus: Beddown

Everyone deserves a bed to sleep in

Did you know that there are over 8,000 vulnerable people who sleep rough every night across Australia? That’s over 8,000 people that have to sleep on the street, on benches or under bridges with little to no protection from the elements.

Beddown looks to tackle this issue in an innovative and collaborative way, looking at the way our cities utilise spaces often left empty at night, as a safe and secure shelter for those in need.

Beddown is proposing to utilise ‘Pop-Up’ accommodation in carparks where bedding can be set up quickly and packed away just as fast. In addition, partnerships with other community services offering showers and laundry, food and beverages, clothing, health and wellbeing and outreach services will ensure longer term solutions.

Founder of Beddown, Norman McGillvray has a personal motivation for starting the company and it stems from his father’s story. In the early 70’s his father suffered a stroke including paralysis down the right side of his body. Several other personal issues including divorce from his wife then left Norm’s father homeless in the streets of London.

At the young age of 42 Norm’s father passed away from a heart attack, alone and with no support out on the street. Experiencing this so very close-to-home has meant that Norm has a personal passion for wanting “do some good” in his community and through Beddown impact as many people as possible.

Norm’s initial goal is to raise start-up funds to support the business and gather much needed resources. Whilst Beddown have already secured the support of Secure Parking, Australia and New Zealand’s largest car park operator, they are still in need of inflatable beds and other supports.

Beddown’s GoFundMe page allows members of the community to donate towards a worthy cause and make a difference to the lives of our vulnerable.

For more information about Beddown click here.