Amergin Wraps Arms Around Australian Community Sector

It’s easy to get stuck in the everyday of what’s happening in the Australian Community Sector. You’ll see a lot of services pitching paid solutions to problems that simply won’t exist in 6-months’ time.

Amergin’s focus has always been about helping community-centered organisations become more strategic, effective, resilient and forward-thinking. It’s the level we operate on. More importantly, these are a must if you want to survive long-term.

With a string of government agencies set to introduce a range or free services, resources and additional supports to assist both providers (and recipients) – particularly in the NDIS – there are only so many webinars and quick-fix solutions that will help you overcome the real challenges of operating in an increasingly competitive sector.

To get a business from small to medium; medium to large; and large to becoming a market leader requires you to adopt different thinking. Each jump is challenging, can be costly and requires a considered approach. It’s important to have the right team by your side to partner with you in the way you need it.

If you’re a medium-to-large organisation operating in mental health, drugs and alcohol, indigenous services, NDIS, Aged Care (or other community-focused organisation) and want to do community differently, our team is here to help you get to the next level.

Take a look around the new website for more information. You can view our service offering, take a look at our upcoming events or find out more about us. We’re looking forward to Working With You.