Aged Care Sector: Amergin Selected To Guide Aged Care Policy Reform

“Anyone working across the aged care sector knows how frustrating it can be seeing areas for improvement or systemic changes that could be made, however feeling like they can’t really make an impact where it counts. Excitedly, being selected as members of this panel is the exact way we can make that impact – at the top!” – Aynsley Johnson, Aged Care Manager – Amergin

As our team continues to work hard to drive real reform across the community sector, we’re proud to announce another milestone that drives us closer towards this goal – Amergin is now a member or the Department of Health’s Aged Care Policy Development Panel.

Our team will be directly responsible for assisting the Department of Health with:

  • Technical advice on strategic policy directions – implications for program of changes and best practice arrangements, including the preparation of key documents to support deregulation of policy changes, analysis and reporting on policy outcomes, and related research
  • Change management – preparation and provision of information for the use of the panel to facility policy change consultation and/or discussion with the aged care sectors
  • Strategic risk assessment and analysis – managing changes in context of program outcomes.

This opportunity will allow Amergin to directly contribute towards making aged care services more equitable and effective for approved providers and consumers across Australia.

The panel activities and Amergin’s aged care services are led by Aynsley Johnson, Aged Care Manager. Aynsley has extensive experience in program leadership and operational oversight of community Aged Care programs and projects (HCP, CHSP, PHN Consortium) in addition to organisation-wide policy design and development (in line with the Aged Care Act and Aged Care Quality Standards). Aynsley will lead a team of subject matter experts/clinicians within Amergin and work alongside Projects for Purpose who are also part of this exciting opportunity with Amergin.

“This panel is a great opportunity for our team (internal and external) to be involved in creating change for the sector, but also to work alongside and potentially collaborate with other panellists who are working towards the same common goal”. – Aynsley Johnson, Aged Care Manager – Amergin

Amergin supports businesses operating in the Aged Care and Disability sectors with a range of business support services. Amergin also currently operates an online platform that contains compliance information and support for Approved Aged Care (Home Care) and NDIS providers – see amerginhub.