5 Marketing tips to give your business the edge over competitors

In any competitive business marketplace, how do you fly the flag to get noticed? Here are 5 marketing tips you can adopt that will help elevate your business.

5 Marketing Tips

1. Define Your Marketing Goals

Know what you want to achieve and then map a pathway to get there. Your marketing objectives should support your business goal and aligning these means your efforts will be strategic and help you make a real difference to your business.

2. Know Who You Are Targeting

If you place five different bits of bait on a fishing hook and you catch a fish, how do you know what bait worked? It’s important to market yourself with purpose. By this I mean understand your target audience; create an identifiable business persona based on this target market; and, tailor your message to reach this audience. Doing these three things will always give you better results than trying to sell to everyone.

3. Understand Your Competition

If you don’t know who you’re competing against, how do know what makes you different? Pick three competitors who you feel pose the biggest threat to your business. Learn their strengths, weaknesses, point of difference, their target market and most importantly your opportunities to effectively compete against them.

4. Define your Unique Selling Position

Once you’ve established your opportunity, define your Unique Selling Position (USP). Convert this into a message that targets your audience and communicate throughout your website, collateral and advertising.

5. Have Foresight

Have a good understanding of the business environment you’re operating in. Stay informed on industry trends and predicted change. If you’re an innovator, you’ll be one of the businesses that not only anticipates change, but initiates it.

By following these marketing tips for your business, you’ll be well on your way to having a competitive edge in no time.


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