Exclusive Live Webinar:

Strategic and Operational Planning for 2022 and Beyond

Meet Your Presenter

  • Belinda Llamas
    Operations Manager
    BBusMan. MHSc. (Risk)

Belinda is our Strategic Planning master, having helped hundreds of Amergin’s clients over the past 4 years with their growth and long-term planning. This has allowed them to be successful and well-respected service providers who are achieving their dreams.

She implements her extensive background in risk management and human resources to support providers in getting organised, maintaining control and empowering them on their journey to delivering exceptional client services. When not supporting clients, Belinda ensures that Amergin performs at an optimum level, as the Operations Manager.

So, are you ready to talk strategy?

Start the New Year with confidence and get your strategic plan in action! Get the hints and tips you need to consider when creating your own plan, and take advantage of our Q&A to get individualised insights.

All webinar participants will receive a copy of Amergin’s interactive 2022 Strategic Planning for Community Businesses template to work through on the day.

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