Christine Dempsey


Christine works with local and national community organisations to help them create positive social change.

She has over 15 years’ experience in community services and has worked across the private, non-government and government sectors.

Tony Dempsey

General Manager

Tony is a passionate marketing innovator with a strong history of success in his field.

His hands on approach means he’s involved in every project to ensure it exceeds the expectations of his clients and delivers results.

Anthony Gatehouse

Chief Technical Officer

Anthony has a diverse background in Graphic Design and Digital Marketing.

He enjoys working with small businesses looking to establish their brand and enhance their position in the digital landscape.

Sue Gatehouse

Accounts Manager

Sue is Accounts Manager at Amergin.

Sue has previously worked in Government and Non Government sectors and for ten years enjoyed the experience of running her own small businesses and managing accounting services.

Belinda Llamas

Operations Manager

Belinda is dedicated to helping organisations meet their social, legal and financial obligations by establishing sustainable business practices that deliver high quality services.

She draws on her experience in OHS, Rehabilitation and HR Management over the last decade, working with small to large for-profit organisations.

Aynsley Johnson

Aged Care Manager

Aynsley has worked within the government, not-for-profit and private community care industry for over 12 years.

Over the past 6 years Aynsley has specialised in her area of interest – Aged Care, working directly with clients on Home Care Packages, Community Home Support Program funding and Team Leadership/Management of Aged Care Programs.

Sarah Sword

Senior Consultant

Sarah has dedicated most of the last 15 years to providing support to children and youth in an educational and community access capacity.

Most recently she has managed a not-for-profit early childhood intervention service which provided her with hands on knowledge of the NDIS and what it looks like in practice.

Hannah Taylor


Hannah has a specialised background in Disability and Mental Health, having worked in this space for the past 6 years.

Hannah has worked within not-for-profit organisations as well as for the National Disability Insurance Agency as a Review Officer and Planner.

Ben Reed

Marketing Officer

Ben is a recent marketing graduate dedicated to seeing projects through from inception through to completion.

His diverse skillset and drive allows him to take on various roles and responsibilities in both print and digital media to produce work at only the highest of standards.

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