Christine Dempsey


Christine works with local and national community organisations to help them create positive social change.

She has over 15 years’ experience in community services and has worked across the private, non-government and government sectors.

Tony Dempsey


Tony is a passionate marketing innovator with a strong history of success in his field.

His hands on approach means he’s involved in every project to ensure it exceeds the expectations of his clients and delivers results.

Anthony Gatehouse


Anthony has a diverse background in Graphic Design and Digital Marketing.

He enjoys working with small businesses looking to establish their brand and enhance their position in the digital landscape.

Karen Heidrich

Client Relationship Manager

Karen has extensive experience in Project Management as well as in the Disability and Aged Care sectors.

She works personally with each of our clients to support them through their organisational growth.

Sue Gatehouse

Accounts Manager

Sue is Accounts Manager at Amergin.

Sue Gatehouse has previously worked in Government and Non Government sectors and for ten years enjoyed the experience of running her own small businesses and managing accounting services.

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