What you need to know about becoming an Approved Aged Care Provider

About the Aged Care System in Australia

The Australian aged care system aims to support people over the age of 65 through the delivery of services and supports. It offers a range of care options to meet different needs.

3 Primary Care Options

1. Residential Aged Care provides care within a supported accommodation setting for people whose care needs can no longer be met within their homes.

2. Community-Based Care helps people stay independent so they can remain in their home and be connected to family and community for much longer.

3. Flexible Care acknowledges that the needs of aged care recipients may require a different care approach than that provided through mainstream residential and home care. These services may include transitional services, short-term restorative care, and culturally appropriate services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Opportunity for Australian Businesses

With Australia’s ageing population’s increased life expectancy and longevity, there is growing demand for aged care services across the country.

Recent legislative reforms also mean that from February 2017, people can choose who provides their care, through a ‘Consumer Directed Care’ approach. This means that competition in the aged care sector will increase, along with opportunities for businesses providing quality and innovative services for older people.

Further, with the current rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for people under 65, there’s even more opportunity for aged care providers to provide a broader range of services.

Benefits to Becoming a Provider


Be part of a strong, dynamic and evolving marketplace.


A flexible way to build a business and deliver high-quality services.


Meet the increasing demand for aged care services.


Support clients’ needs and help them reach their goals.


Have access to business supports such as the Australian Government’s ‘My Aged Care’ portal.


Take advantage of recent Government reforms.

What you need to consider

There are several things to consider before applying to become an Approved Aged Care Provider or applying to broaden the services you deliver, including:

1. The types of services you’ll provide. Will you be providing home care, residential care or flexible care?

2. Can you meet the requirements of the Aged Care Approved Provider application process?

3. If you’re also looking at providing services under the NDIS, can you meet the relevant quality and safeguarding requirements?

How to become an Approved Aged Care Provider

Becoming an Approved Aged Care Provider can be a time-consuming and complex process. The Amergin team can assist providers through the entire process. We can also help prepare relevant documentation to support your application and assist with business and marketing plans to get your business operational and noticed.

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