NDIS Practice Standards Update

$990.00 Incl. GST

As your documentation was created in 2021, or has been kept up to date with other changes, your existing documents will be updated with the New NDIS Practice Standards requirements only. This includes, where applicable:

  • Emergency and Disaster Management (all providers except SDA only providers)
  • Meal-time Management (assistance to manage mealtimes)
  • High Intensity Supports (providing Severe Dysphagia Management supports)

If you would like to add new registration groups/policies as part of this update, a full update will be required. You can purchase this by visiting our Quick Turnaround Policies and Procedures option.

By accepting this agreement, I confirm that I am an existing Amergin client and that my Policies and Procedures were developed between January 01 and November 15, 2021. If my documents were created before 01 January 2021 I have kept them up to date with other changes. I accept that if I have not provided accurate information about the current status of my policies and procedures, additional charges may apply.

Provider Registration